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This collection is wholly owned by holders of our Alex Echo Genesis collection of NFTs. Each NFT represents a fractional share in this NFT collection. You can buy an NFT HERE

Grow together

The NFT art collection is initially funded by sales of the Genesis NFT collection, and will growth through approved trading (selling of some NFT and purchase of others at logical times in their cycle) and through donations from supported artist launches.

The Art collection will be curated by a specialist NFT team, overseen by Alex Echo, with regular community votes on sales and purchases. The goal is to grow a community owned blue chip NFT collection and build a metaverse gallery to allow you to enjoy the collection. There will also be options to order prints for physical display in your home or office.

Read More About Us

The Alex Echo Genesis collection is born from a classic piece of sculpture, made famous by Alex, re-imagined for the digital art space.

Collection kicks off with a donated Bored Ape Derivative created by the digital artist @Ytopp

What will we invest in first? An art project like a Fidenza or Ringer, or a PFP like a BAYC or an PUNK. Just us, and get involved.

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