What is the Alex Echo Arts DAO and LaunchPad?

The Blockchain-powered Web 3.0 is changing the commercial relationship between artists and collectors. With the introduction of NFTs, artists and creators can create more value while users get to invest in something that’s provably unique. 


A curated NFT Art Collection you can invest in.

The AEA DAO collection is curated by a specialist NFT art team, with regular community votes on sales and purchases.

This community-owned NFT collection features a growing range of blue-chip curated pieces, as well as donated works from LaunchPad supported artists.

Members receive an NFT based on an iconic piece of Alex Echo art through tiered buy-ins that represent your share of the DAO. Enjoy the collection through a metaverse gallery or optional prints that you can hang at home.

Membership of this NFT art collection DAO is by invitation only. Full details are available on request. Make a start today by applying below.


The LaunchPad.

Enabling artists to fulfil their potential through the power of NFTs.

With galleries taking high commissions on the selling price of Art, web 3.0 and NFT technology can deliver value and ownership back to artists and creators alike (READ MORE HERE).

The nature of peer-to-peer transactions means no gallery costs, while in-built smart contracts ensure artists and creators receive a % of all future resales.

Our team work with The 721, an NFT specialist studio, to offer artists a one-stop solution for launching into NFTs and the metaverse at no upfront cost.


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