Young Ape Diaries ~ The Journey of BAYC Ziskey 8025
This is a derivative of the original Bored Ape #8025 of which I have sourced an edition of the ‘Royalty-Free Usage License + Source Files NFT’ – with the intent to create derivatives based on the commercial (details available on request)

The Bored Ape Yacht Club…

…are a society of individuals but who are they individually? What are their individual stories? What informed who they are as individuals? What ups and downs, what moral dilemmas, what confusing times, what new experiences informed each one’s personal narrative?

‘The Young Ape Diaries”

is a visual diary of the personal journey exploring the life and times of our young hero. The experiences and factors that have created the individuals narrative, from first crush to late night debacles; discovering art, to questioning obedience and rules… Life’s lessons. Here are a few glimpses into the real story behind the life and times of our young friend.

On full set sale, there will be a special lenticular print signed by the Alex, and a raffle will be held.

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March 15 @ 16:45 — February 24 @ 17:45
16:45 — 17:45 (59′)


Alex Echo

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